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42" Elica Island Hood Stoney ISLAND - ESI642SS

Item Code : ESI642SS
Brand : Elica

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42 36


STONEY ISLAND is part of the Elica TECHNE PLUS product line, where hoods can operate automatically thanks to a wireless sensor technology that detects activity on the cooktop and constantly monitors temperature and moisture. The hood self adjusts the blower speed to the optimum setting without user involvement. The hood design projects pure elegance through the marriage of bright stainless steel, glass face plate and hidden electronic touch controls. The hood is equipped with Perimeter Aspiration technology which achieves top ventilating performance and lower sound levels. With the dimmable LED lights, it is possible to adjust the brightness of the lighting to create the perfect atmosphere.

Product Benefits

Ambient light

Elica studies on hood lighting leaves no stone unturned. Here we have thought about products not only able to light the cooktop, but the entire kitchen space. And so the hood is transformed: from a kitchen appliance to a true lighting element. Considering the design of Elica hoods, it is not hard to imagine how this option is quite unique, and represents one extraordinary point of strength for us.

CFM Reduction

CFM Reduction System (CRS), is an exclusive feature to Elica hoods, which enables the user to reduce directly in the glass touch control the maximum blower CFM, to meet local code requirements.


The Dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness of the light as you wish. With Elica, lighting is customized in a discreet, personal and practical way, in order to contribute in creating the perfect kitchen atmosphere.

Hush System

An exclusive sound deadening technology that effectively reduces sound levels up to 35%, compared to typical range hoods.

LED Light

LED lighting is undoubtedly the smartest solution in terms of energy saving. Expected life time of over 20.000 hours, represents the most remarkable advantage of LED light bulbs.

Perimeter Aspiration

First developed by Elica, this technology literally turned the market 180 degrees and opened the door to hoods that could be mounted on the wall like picture frames. The technology draws air through a narrowed channel around a face plate, which increases suction, without increasing blower speed or energy consumption.

Sensor Technology

Some models are equipped with a sensor that is able to make them semi-automatic. This sensor allows the hood to recognize the quality of cooking vapors, and to act on the spot, thus activating the most suitable performance level. Furthermore, thanks to the Sensor Technology, the hood analyzes the quality of the vapors emitted and self-adjusts operation thus guaranteeing perfect air quality.

Top Performance

Excellent performance for models equipped with this plus. High fume capturing capacity with an average aspiration range of 600 CFM's. with low noise levels, 1.2 - 1.7 sones at working speed.

Touch Control

Enjoy the modern design and convenience of multi-function electronic touch controls, which are discreetly hidden behind sleek black glass, and will illuminate a soft blue when activated.

Wireless Connectivity

The wireless connection ensures constant communication between the induction cooktop and the cooker hood. Usage information of the cooktop (activated zones, cooking power and presence of pots) are transmitted in real time to the hood that processes them. The hood then selects automatically the optimum operating level to ensure a better quality of the air inside the kitchen. In this way it is possible to focus entirely on the food preparation. The hood turns off automatically when it is no longer necessary extracting cooking fumes, thus avoiding a waste of energy.

Width36’’, 42’’
SonesMin 1.46 Max 6
Extraction capacity600 CFM
FinishStainless Steel + Black Glass
ControlsTouch Control 3S + Booster (Sensor)
Illumination4 Premium LED Dimmable Lights
Installation TypeDucted
Blower TypeSpeed 1, 180 CFMs Speed 2, 300 CFMs Speed 3, 470 CFMs Speed 4, 600 CFMs
Filter TypeAl. Mesh + Perimeter Aspiration
Noise (sones):Min: 1.46, Max: 6 Sones
Electrical120 Volts, 60 Hertz, 460 Watts, 3.7 Amps
Duct Transition Round 6"/150cms

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