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36" Wolf Contemporary Induction Cooktop - CI36560C/B

Item Code : CI36560C/B
Brand : Wolf


Discover the advantages of induction. Wolf’s induction cooktops combine superior power, speed, and efficiency with sleek design and intuitive controls. By supplying energy directly to the cookware, induction delivers an instantaneous response and more consistent and precise heat than gas or electric. Power settings with half-increment adjustments offer a wide range of exact temperatures. Boost Mode produces rapid heat for lightning-fast boil times, while sensors regulate low heat to simmer, melt, and warm without scorching. The bridge function combines zones to accommodate larger cookware and griddles.

Wolf’s sophisticated induction technology is hidden beneath a sleek black glass surface that resists scratching, staining, impact, and heat. Since splatters and spills don’t burn onto the countertop, they wipe off easily. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, including Transitional and Contemporary, there’s a Wolf Induction Cooktop to meet the needs of any space. less

Product Features

Rigorously tested to ensure dependability

Each and every Wolf appliance is rigorously stress-tested to perform for over twenty years of daily use and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.

Worry-Free Warranty

Wolf offers an industry-leading full two-year warranty on appliances, along with a limited five-year warranty.

Efficient Transfer of Heat

Clearly marked graphics help properly center cookware on the heating element. Because heat is transferred directly to the pot or pan, there is no wasted energy in induction cooking.


Bridge two cooking zones into one larger surface for induction-capable griddles, open roasters, and fish poachers. Independent cooking zone timers provide additional control and flexibility when making a variety of dishes at once. 


For increased safety, cooktop controls automatically lock when not in use.

Exceptional customer support

Whether you're shopping for appliances or have questions about those you already own, the Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Customer Care team has a reputation for service that's as exceptional as its products.


Achieve the perfect cooking temperature from 17 settings with half increment power adjustments and a Boost Mode to boil 40% faster. Sensors regulate consistent low heat for simmering, melting, and warming without scorching.


User-friendly controls make it easy to set and adjust temperatures.


The pause feature suspends the cooktop and all timers for up to 10 minutes. Two quick taps turn off an individual cooking zone instantly, or you can power off the entire cooktop surface with one tap.

CI36560C/B Highlights

  • Rigorously tested for decades of use
  • Exceptional support from our Customer Care team in Madison
  • Wolf offers an industry-leading full two-year warranty on appliances, along with a limited five-year warranty.
  • Consistent, precise control and nearly instantaneous temperature response
  • More efficient heat transfer—energy is supplied directly to the cookware
  • Intuitive, full-color LCD touchscreen controls
  • 17 power settings with half increment adjustments, plus a Boost Mode to produce rapid heat for 40% faster boil times
  • Bridging capabilities, independent cooking zone timers, and a pause feature for additional control and versatility
  • Cooktop controls lock automatically when not in use

Cooktop Specifications

  • Unframed edge for flush installation
  • Black ceramic glass surface
  • Sensor based simmer, melt, and keep warm modes
  • Boost Mode for rapid heat
  • 4 - 8" 2,100 W zone with 3,700 W Boost
  • 1 - 11" 2,600 Watt element with 3,700 W boost
Overall Dimensions36" W x 2 1/2" H x 21" D
Element Diameter 11", 8", 8", 8", 8"
Electrical Supply 3-wire, 240/208 VAC, 60 Hz
Electrical Service 50 amp dedicated circuit

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