Item Code : RDV2-366-N
Brand : DCS

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Technical Specifications
Product Height 35.400001525878906  
Product Width 35.79999923706055    
Product Depth 29.100000381469727    
Product Weight -

Specifications are for planning purposes only and may change without notice. Please refer to manufacturer manuals for all details.

Product Details

Dual Fuel Ranges are built for the cook who loves the power and immediacy of a gas cooktop but demands the precise performance of true convection cooking and the ease of a self-cleaning electric oven. DCS cooktops have unique, patented Dual Flow Burners™ that let you fire up a fierce heat in an instant — and just as quickly turn it down to a precise full surface simmer with the gentlest of flames. Cooktop burner powers reach up to an extraordinary 23,500 BTU with total surface output reaching up to 121,000 BTU. The oven’s true convection system uses both the fan and heat element together to actively distribute accurate temperatures throughout the oven.

Natural Gas, Stainless Steel

Perfect Heat

Sealed Dual Flow Burners™ deliver cooktop power up to 23,500 BTU (NG models) for seriously fast boiling right down to a precise 140°F full surface simmer with the gentlest of flames. The true convection system uses both the fan and heat element together to heat up quickly and actively distribute even temperatures throughout the oven.

Total Control

From the highest to the lowest temperature settings you get precise control with the halo-illuminated cooktop dials. DCS Range ovens have True Convection and electronic oven control for precise and consistent oven temperatures delivering superior performance.

Consistent Broiling

The DCS Dual Fuel Range broiler provides an even heat that covers a very large surface area — perfect for browning a fully loaded oven tray.

Easy to Clean

A sealed cooktop surface and a pyrolytic self-cleaning oven with removable side racks allow easy cleaning.

Information at a Glance

LED halo control dials for information at a glance. White – heating up; orange – temperature is reached; red – self-cleaning mode.

Cooking Flexibility

Delivering 12% more usable space than models with exposed bake elements, and a full extension telescopic racking system, this oven is large enough to hold full size baking sheets or a 20lb turkey. The cooktops unique grate design and high powered burners puts the flame where you need it and lets you boil faster or simmer gently anywhere on the cooktop.

Kitchen Family Match

Handle options — round or square – to suit any kitchen and designed to match the DCS professional kitchen family.

Dual Flow Burners™ 6
Gas Requirements
Pressure 6" to 9" W.C
Power Requirements
Circuit Supply Voltage 30A
Supply Frequency 60Hz
Supply Voltage 120 - 240V
Wire 4
Accessories sold separately
Recommended hood VS36 / VS1236 -36" Pro Hood
Square handle option AH-R36
Main oven- Total Capacity (AHAM) 4.8cu ft
Shelf positions 5
Main oven- Full extention telescopic racks 3
Burner ratings
Max burner power 23500BTU
Power back centre 18500BTU
Power back left 18500BTU
Power back right 18500BTU
Power front centre 18500BTU
Power front left 23500BTU
Power front right 23500BTU
Simmer on all burners 140°F
Cooking Modes
Main oven functions 6
Main oven bake 4600W
Main oven broil 4000W
Total cooktop power BTU 121000
True Convection Oven 2500W